The following is a list of the video game projects I’ve created or been involved in.

Lightspeed Lancers


This is a current WIP game that I’ve been working on since the beginning of March.
It’s a simple multiplayer ‘jousting’ game where players take control of hover bikes & try to destroy the other persons bike before their own is destroyed.

My plans for the game are to have a 2 Player version with final art finished by the end of May & see how the game goes. I would ultimately like to see the game work for 4 players with a few game types (Teams & vs AI) but that would be dependent on how this game is received.

The project started because I wanted to create a game using the limitations of the Gameboy Advance, mainly using the limited screen size of 240×160, using limited buttons & having a final product smaller than 32MB in size. This is also the first game I’ve made using only ‘sprite stacking’ which gives it a 3D look when in fact all the objects are 2D sprites. I think it looks really interesting & would love to experiment more using this style of rendering.

Ben’s Summer Game
I made this game in two weeks as part of Bar SK’s ‘Summer Christmas Jam’.
The game features a bunch of short vignette style activities based around getting ready to go to your mates house for a swim. Likes like getting a text, putting on sunscreen, having a swim, and eating an ice lolly. I really enjoyed making this as it posed a lot of creative challenges due to the time constraint, so a lot of ideas I originally wanted to do didn’t get put in and were replaced with what I believe to be better choices. Things like the sunscreen fading after you’ve put it on. It would have been good, but it also takes away from some of the humour and could be difficult for the player to see their progress. Another was the swimming pool scene. I originally wanted to create a collider around the pool so the player couldn’t swim outside of the pool, but I came up with a creative solution which worked just as well, which was limit the players speed so they physically couldn’t make it outside of the pool (this works mostly because the scene is time restricted to 8 seconds).

Walk to George’s
I made this game as part of the Bluelight Collective ‘Byte sized’ game jam. It was made in 5 hours and is about the walk I would take from my apartment to my partners house, it features major landmarks and lyrics from the music I would listen to. This was very relaxing to create and lead me to make some interesting decisions about how I created my sprites and designing them to have multiple. As well as picking out particularly interesting lyrics from songs I normally listen to on the walk, it made me think of how to make them thematically relevant and also how to support local artists I enjoy. All the artists featured are from Australia or New Zealand and most of them don’t have a massive overseas presence (at the time of creation), the lyrics too are chosen because of particular moods I’d been feeling during most of that year, and also because they were relevant to the actual actions of the game. I think one of the reasons this was so relaxing to create was partly because it was cathartic in that it was a way for me to gently express how i’d been feeling and internally deal with those emotions during creation without expressly having the subject matter be about those emotions. (1)

The Park
This was a game I made by myself in bitsy. It’s about going to the park in Autumn from the perspective of a happy dog. This was the first time I used bitsy and immediately fell in love with creating things with it. Learning fun tricks such as overlaying ‘sprites’ with ‘items’ to have them appear as if they’ve changed after they’ve been interacted with and also the use of different rooms to make it seem as if the player has made a room changing choice. That last one lead me to create a in progress game where I was able to recreate a mirror in bisty using the native editor.

This was one of two final year University projects I was involved in. Tactus is a self-described ‘rhythm-hell’ game, where the player has to avoid and deflect bullets in time to the beat of each song. My role in this project was primarily as the producer but I was also heavily involved in the design process. I was in charge of making sure we met all the assignment deadlines and personal goals, organising team meetings and one on one meetings, as well as testing and developing core mechanics. During the early stages of development, I created 3 versions of the game by myself in order to test alternative ideas to our starting with the idea of a top-down shooter were you deflect bullets; the game slowly evolved into a rhythm based-bullet hell AKA ‘rhythm-hell’. Towards the end of the project, I also started helping our programmer by scripting the games menu and camera systems. We worked on start to finish in just under 3 months.

Weird Wood
Weird Wood was the second of my two final year projects and was made with the same team that worked on Tactus. Weird Wood is a ‘schlocky’ multiplayer game where players are trying to fix a car in order to escape a forest full of ghouls and monsters. My role on this project was primarily the lead designer but as the project advanced my role evolved into a hybrid producer designer role, where I was organising team meetings, talking with my team members one on one about their role and where they felt the project was going. Using the information gained from our meetings we were able to change the scope of the project more easily, eventually leading to us cutting a core mechanics we had worked on for a month but the team unanimously agreed the final game was better for it.


Journey to the center of the party zone (2018) (Play with Audio)
Artist and Designer on this Global Game Jam project. With the theme of transmission, we picked an approach that let us be very creative and silly about the entire project. The Idea being you play as a party bus collecting people in a massive parade and avoiding the “No fun police” as you travel towards the party zone.Banner (2)

Concrete Boots
This was a project I had wanted to make since 2014. I created this game with a team during TIGJam 2017, I worked on the project doing asset creation, gameplay designing, and scripting. The Idea for this game is that you’re a person who has woken up at the bottom of the ocean unable to swim. How do you send your final breath aliveConcreteBootsBanner.png

Bad Fish Day
This is an ongoing project of mine that started out as a game made in 24 hrs during the ‘RMIT Game Jam Club’s Mask Jam’, which I tweaked for a further 24 hrs and submitted to Mark Brown’s ‘Game Makers Tool Kit Jam’. At the moment I’ve been working on the game for many months trying to evolve the project from a jam game into a full release title. This lead to many of the mechanics changing and even a spin-off version made specifically for BarSK in Melbourne, Australia.
Linked is the game jam version of the game. The project is currently on hiatus.

Clockwork Wings
I worked as a level designer on this project with a team of five in total. It is a 2D platformer about a young bug and engineering enthusiast trying to find her kidnapped aunty from a steam-powered bug. I created and tested the 3 levels available to play alongside one of the other team members. We focused on having levels be challenging but easy to understand.

Map & Bread
This project was created during ‘Lighting Jam’ a 48hr game jam held at Victoria University back in 2015. I was the designer on this game creating the core mechanics, map and some 3D models. The game is a cooperative 2 player game focused around curing a poison, with one player in a forest trying to find an antidote and the other player looking at a physical map with detailed descriptions about the flora of the surrounding area. Our take on the theme ‘Map & Bread’ ended up winning the Jam’s ‘Most Innovative’ category due to our take on asymmetric gameplay.