Hey I’m Benjamin Turner, I’m a game creator & event organiser from Melbourne who has been making games for 6ish years; I’ve been involved with Freeplay, GX Australia, Unite Melbourne, and helped establish and run Contours; an annual exhibition featuring games and artwork on the fringes of independent games.

I graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelors of Design (games) in 2017, during which I spent a lot of time volunteering for events (IGDA Scholars, GCAP, Unite Australia, GX Australia, Freeplay, and Gnomon) as well bringing games and artwork of my uni friends into public view by running a successful weekend exhibit at Bar SK.

Recently, I’ve been working with Freeplay and Unite Melbourne again to help organize and run Parallels and the Unite after party at this years Melbourne International Games Week.

I’m currently working with Freeplay again for 2019, as well as finishing up several solo game projects, and documenting his organisational process for each game in an upcoming essay. At the moment I’ve become interested in making small ‘Slice of Life’ style games which explore mundane everyday interactions. Although I’m also working on two very ‘action heavy’ games as well; you can check all my games out over here.

Feel free to reach out to me at:
or on Twitter